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drukujWhat do we finance?


Regional Operational Programme allows to do projects of infrastructural type, securing the base for the proper activities. In the scope of ROP you can apply for support of the following types of activities:

  • stimulating research, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • simplifying the access to external, non-bank sources of financing investments,
  • facilitating start-ups and creating companies,
  • development of specialised training and advisory services and expertise for entrepreneurs,
  • revitalization of downgraded urban areas that will restore their industrial, tourist and social functions,
  • building and modernizing sewage treatment plants and water supplies
  • purchase of specialised equipment for effective life-saving actions and removing the results of natural disasters, serious breakdowns, including chemical and ecological emergency vehicles and fire engines.
  • increasing the quality and accessibility of medical services in healthcare facilities by purchasing and modernizing medical equipment
  • preserving and protection of cultural heritage, increasing the accessibility of the objects and goods of cultural heritage and tourist attractions as well as the development of active forms of tourism
  • enterprises improving life quality in local societies and creating new jobs
  • modernizing and equipping school and social infrastructure at all levels


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